Our Story - It's Not "About Us"

After 12 years designing underwear made to fit and feel fantastic we knew we could do more.

 Underwear is one of those things you just don't to pass on to someone else once you're finished with it!  So what happens to it? It ends up in landfill!

Having made super comfortable everyday intimates with environmentally friendly fibres like bamboo for the last 10 years we knew there must be something out there that addressed the sustainability issue without compromising on the soft, comfortable, luxurious feel and durability of our existing range of intimates at Bella Bodies... and we FOUND ONE!

Invented by Solvay and produced by Italian company Fulgar is the world's first recyclable AND biodegradable yarn. We've put our Australian love of comfort and style into designing a world first sustainable underwear brand and created BELLA ECO!

We are super excited to be doing something positive for our planet and we hope you will love the soft touch and extreme comfort of our range of intimates and know that you are doing something amazing for the planet every time you get dressed!

Read more about the incredible properties of this Eco Yarn: