Follow for the incredible sustainability chain that creates your Bella Eco Garment.

1. Sustainable production starts when the yarn is manufactured in the Fulgar Factory in Italy which is Oeko-Tex accredited and has an enormous sustainability focus. Read more about Fulgar's Sustainability.

Fulgar OekoTex cert

2. The yarn is sent on to our seamless production factory in Portugal for manufacture into garments. No chemical process takes place at this factory and the factory is one of the very few certified to work with this yarn. It is over 25 years old with a community of long term staff that live in the neighbouring area. 90% of the production in this factory is for the European market and the UK which have strict fair trade factory conditions.


3. The garments are then sent to the Dyeing Factory in Portugal which is also Oeko-Tex certified.

Dyeing Factory Oeko-Tex Certificate


4. Before we are allowed to attach the Amni Soul Eco tag to any garment a sample of each and every final garment must be sent to the inventors or Amni Soul Eco, Rhodia Solvay Group in Brazil for final approval and certification. Every Bella Eco garment is individually certified to be able to carry the Amni Soul Tag.  Watch the video below for the full sustainable features of Amni Soul Eco.

Amni Soul Eco Certificate

At Bella Eco we strive for sustainability at all stages of our business from sustainable yarns, green factories, FSC certified labels and product packaging and home-compostable mailers. As members for 1% we support our local sustainable charities in the work they do to preserve our planet.

Better Packaging Compostable Mailers

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FSC logo

1% for the planet member


Sustainability is at the forefront of every step in the production process.
Watch the incredible sustainability of Amni Soul Eco.  


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