Which underwear should I wear and when?

Just like there are outfits for different occasions there are also underwear for different outfits. No two pair of undies are the same, and so it is important to find the best pair for you and your outfit. It’s ultimately finding the best fit for you. So here is a breakdown of “which underwear should I wear and when?”

1. The Bikini Undie

The classic, everyday bikini sits in your draw by the dozen and is often pulled out to maximise the comfort factor. They are naturally styled to suit women’s bikini line and they are perfect for everyday activity.

When to wear them:

Bikini undie is best under your jeans or trousers and you can pull them off under an A-line dress or skirt. Suited for comfort and the everyday occasion.

2. The Thong

We’re bringing sexy back by giving you a thong option that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Show off your most beautiful and natural asset confidently.

When to wear them:

One word: ACTIVEWEAR. Perfect for hitting the gym and avoiding that undie line between squats. Also, obviously, perfect under a figure-hugging dress or anything where underwear lines need to be avoided.

3. Cheeky Bikini

A cross between a bikini and a thong, it’s the perfect undie for showing off a little sexy while maintaining some reassuring coverage. You get the best of both worlds in these.

When to wear them:

The thing about the cheeky bikini is they are super versatile. They are great under a pair of jeans or a little flowy dress.

4. High Waist

Throw out the ‘granny panty’ and welcome the new High Waist frenzy taking the intimates industry by storm. These will fast become your 2019 underwear wardrobe staple as they are back in fashion offer you the ultimate coverage without the compromise of feeling great.

When to wear them:

Perfect under a high waist jean or under a dress where you want to avoid the bikini or thong underwear line on the hip.

5. Shapewear

Sometimes we need to smooth out those lumps and bumps. A curve control panty or bodysuit will cinch you in so you can rock your outfit with confidence.

When to where them:

To accentuate your beautiful figure even more in that perfect evening dress.