Bella Eco is not just Sustainable

Garments that last

Polyamide fibres are used in 95% of women's hosiery because of the high strength, abrasion resistance and resilient properties in these fibres. And that's why Bella Eco searched for the best performing polyamide available to bring you your sustainable, high performing underwear of choice.

Our polyamide yarn with ENHANCED BIODEGRADABILITY was developed and produced to reduce environmental impact and waste. But it is so much more than that... The durability and high performance of the yarn means it will outlast most other intimate apparel yarns that quickly loose their shape, meaning your underwear will last twice as long.

Biodegradable DNA

In order to preserve and commit to the planet and provide an alternative to the ever growing 'fast fashion', Bella Eco uses the only biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world to bring you innovative and high performing intimates.

Unlike other polyamide, found in most garments, once our intimates are discarded and reach landfill, the yarns start a biodegradation process. Having contact with micro-organisms found only in these types of anaerobic environments, the fibre starts to breakdown and takes approximately 5 years to be eliminated from the planet. They break down into organic matter (biomass) and biogas, which can then be exploited as new environmental resources and used to co-generate electricity

HAVE NO FEAR! The unique technology we use ensures the longevity and durability of your intimates for as long as you wish to wear them. Our underwear has a shelf life as long as conventional polyamide and there are no changes to the yarn during it's life time.

Ethical Production

NO SWEAT SHOPS FOR BELLA ECO! It is important to us that we work on designing and creating garments with people who are happy and protected in their working space. From our designers, to our manufacturers, to our distributors, all our Bella Eco Natives work in ethical conditions and receive fair wages and working hours.

We made multiple trips to the factory in Portugal to oversee every step of production to ensure they are incredibly made and will last a long time. Every garment produced is certified by the producers of the yarn so they are able to carry their name.

Special Benefits


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