How to take care of your sustainable underwear

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There is a preconceived idea that biodegradable clothing is unwearable, breaks down quickly and doesn’t last very long but the yarns used to create Bella Eco Intimates are designed to last longer than traditional polyamide. Bella Eco Underwear is made from a biodegradable polyamide, designed to breakdown in an anaerobic environment at the end of its lifecycle. Amni Soul Eco yarns are designed with greater resistance to wear and tear, have extreme elasticity and are non-toxic and non-allergenic. It’s colour doesn’t fade, it dries quickly and is also resistant to bacteria. With this in mind, here are the ways to wash and preserve the quality of your cheeky undies, high waisted undies and everything in between.


It’s always suggested to handwash your delicate clothes and intimates are no different. Wash them in either warm or cold water (cold is recommended for white fabrics). When washing, you can use any homemade or commercial detergent of your choice. Rinse well and hang out to dry.

Machine Wash

Your underwear can be washed in a machine in a normal cycle with cool or warm water but please check the label to ensure if your garment is machine washable. Be sure that you wash undies with similar fabrics and colours to avoid staining or discolouring your underwear. We have all been victims to our white and nude underwear coming out of the wash a different colour then when they went in.

Dry and Finish

Avoid drying your undies in direct sunlight and use a low heat setting on your dryer. If you use a drying machine, it’s better to remove your underwear while still a little damp to avoid shrinking and then freshen your garment after drying. Line drying in the shade or indoors is the best option to avoid shrinking, fading and wrinkling of your garment.


Always make sure to store your Eco-friendly underwear in dry and clean areas just like you would any other intimates. Amni Soul Eco fabrics have a shelf life as long as any other traditional underwear so if you take care when you store them, they will last as long as you wish to wear them.

Additional information

To learn more, you can browse through our website and check out our products. We offer innovative sustainable solutions for every woman’s lifestyle and the environment. At Bella Eco, we are committed to providing products that suit your lifestyle and saving the environment.

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