Hero Packaging to the rescue!

Bella Eco Hero Packaging

Eco-friendly living can sometimes be out of your control, especially when some of your online purchases come in bundles and bundles of plastic! Here at Bella Eco we are proud that our packaging is zero-waste and plastic free.

Our intimates are packaged into recycled cardboard satchels and our post bags are made from corn starch and cassava roots, meaning that they are compostable as well (thanks Hero Packaging!). By simply putting them in a compost bin they will break down within 90 days, but if they end up in landfill will break down within 2 years. Woohoo!

Living sustainably can sometimes be hard to tackle, especially when you don’t know where to start. We suggest tackling it in sections. For example, look at expanding your eco-friendly living to the bathroom, here’s some small tweaks to help you out!

  • Switching out your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one - It’s biodegradable and ethical!
  • Hitting up the bars - Look at purchasing green or certified organic products, buy in bulk (to reduce plastic) and even consider a little D.I.Y. Project with some coconut milk, soap and essential oils. Shampoo, conditioner and soap bars can eliminate so many plastic bottles!
  • Safety razors - 2 billion disposable razors end up in landfills each year, safety razors can last a lifetime and you only change the razor blades, which are also recyclable. 

An ecofriendly bathroom does not have to compromise on luxury, so here’s an eco-hand at a body scrub recipe I have a feeling any coffee lovers will enjoy.

In a bowl mix

  • ¼ cup of coffee grounds (fresh or used)
  • ½ cup of softened coconut oil
  • Optional: essential oils such as cinnamon or clove

Mix together till combined and place in fridge to solidify. Store in a cool place or keep in the fridge till use! Massage in a circular motion on desired areas to reveal soft and subtle skin.

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