Choosing the best underwear for you: understanding the eco underwear you are buying

Sometimes intimates are forgotten when the conversation around ethical and sustainable fashion comes up. But being one of the few universal essentials in every one’s wardrobe the conversation needs to start with those garments that come in direct contact with our skin. And because these garments are so close to our skin it is important that the quality is high.

When we go to purchase something, we always expect the best quality and that is no different when picking out our underwear. There is an array of fabrics, styles, colours and brands to choose from so when deciding the best option for you it comes down to understanding the basic features that sets your underwear apart from the rest. There is an array of sustainable underwear brands to choose from and we will tell why once you go sustainable, you’ll never want to go back.

Excellent Quality. When we talk about good quality, it can mean a lot of things. But when it comes to eco-underwear, quality really starts with the yarns. Amni Soul Eco yarns used for Bella Eco Intimates is a world first in sustainable technology to bring you more high performing, more durable and more comfortable underwear. Quality even goes beyond the product and extends to the brand and their reliability and their positive customer interaction. The benefits of undies and the brand is vital for you to know in order to feel great with what you wear underneath every day.

Sizing. You never want to feel uncomfortable in your intimates, so sizing is very important. All body shapes are different and so finding the perfect fit for you can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t be afraid to shop around and try different cuts, one body might feel more comfortable in Hi-Waist underwear while another in a Cheeky Bikini. Once you find your fit, stick with it. Just remember when it comes to eco-underwear you wont compromise on comfort. Your comfort is just as important as the environment.

Reasonable price. You can instantly get a gauge of the quality based on the price. For long lasting, comfortable underwear you are willing to pay above the baseline but because underwear is an essential, everyday item, it needs to be reasonably priced. Automatically, placing the buzzword ‘Eco’ in front of your product creates an idea that it is unaffordable and a luxury purchase. This is not the case, there is reasonably affordable, eco-friendly intimates out there for everyone. Just look at our Bikini Undie.

Special features. Like any other underwear, sustainable underwear should be breathable, durable and comfortable but Amni Soul Eco yarns even go beyond this and ensure soft touch, moisture absorption, fast drying and recyclability.

You can’t go wrong with sustainable intimates. You will not only love and feel comfortable in eco-friendly undies but you will also help reduce our impact on the planet. Knowing your underwear and activewear will decompose in 5 years when exposed to an anaerobic environment (landfill) makes you feel as though your purchase is worth it.

You can choose from a variety of products such as leggings, cami tops, bras and undies on our website. Different colours, sizes and cuts are available to add to your cart.

We at Bella Eco are committed to the health and wellness of every woman while caring for the environment as well. Comfort and quality is at the forefront of all our designs while ensuring we help make a sustainable difference and impact on our planet.

Much Love