5 Tips for Eco-friendly Travel without breaking the Budget

Eco Travelling on a Budget

1. Pack light

The best way to travel on a budget is to pack light. Not only does it land you cheaper airfares, makes it easier to get around, but it also reduces the impact you have on the environment around you. When flying in particular, every kilo counts. The heavier the plane, the more fuel must be used to get you to your destination. It also reduces the opportunity for you to carry around any waste or unimportant items in your suitcase or pack. When your bag is small there’s nowhere to put these things because every bit of spare space in your bag matters for the meaningful and important things you use and collect on your trip.

2. Bring reusable bottles and keep cups

Bringing your own reusable water bottle will help you save on purchasing plastic water bottles whilst you’re travelling. If your destination does not have safe drinking water consider investing in a filter water bottle or steripen. Alternatively, if your accommodation has filtered water fill your bottle before you head out for the day. This will also save you a ton of money in over-priced water at those tourist areas. Keep cups are also a great way to be more eco and budget friendly on your travels by reducing the use of single use plastic or throw-away coffee cups, and often cafes will offer discounts when you bring your own coffee cup.

3. Stay longer in places

To reduce costs and your environmental impact, consider extending your stay in places to reduce the amount of travelling. By reducing travel, you will reduce the contribution of waste that tag along during your travels. This will also save on money spent on fares and transfers. Staying longer in one place lets you get familiar with the area, so you can relax, get comfortable and even make connections with the locals. It is understandable if this isn’t for you. You might only have a small amount of time and holiday leave to visit multiple places but consider visiting two destinations instead of three, or doing day trips instead moving between the places you are visiting. It makes for a more relaxed and money friendly holiday.

4. Eat local

Eating local is a tasty way to travel on a budget and be a more conscious traveller. Consider venturing into local markets and away from touristy spots to truly experience authentic local cuisines and produce. This will work out to be more cost effective and reduces your waste. If you have access to a kitchen, consider purchasing locally grown produce and cook a few your meals to save some money and support local business.

5. Choose alternative transportation

Travelling sustainable on a budget can be hard, particularly if your travels are taking you to multiple places. While planes may be the most efficient way of getting to your holiday destination, it is the most harmful to the environment. Takeoff and landing a plane alone, causes high amounts of emissions and planes use a lot of fuel to get you from one place to another. Consider alternative forms of transport, that will be less impactful to the environment, but also more cost effective. Consider overland coaches or trains to get you between towns and cities as they will be half the price of plane tickets and this also makes for a more scenic route, letting you see more of the country and area you are visiting.

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