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Alternative Underwear

We at Bella Eco represent fashion and sustainability by manufacturing eco-friendly and sustainable underwear. We provide exceptional, alternative intimates with incredible comfort, breathability and high performance.

We combine comfort, quality, innovation and technology to introduce the yarn of the future: Amni Soul Eco®.

Amni Soul Eco® is a polyamide fabric with added biodegradable additives. Compared to synthetic garments that don’t break down for decades, or even centuries, the technology used to create this new alternative yarn allows the garment to decompose in around 5 years after appropriately disposing of it in landfills.

Our products are crafted with the perfect harmony of comfort and the environment in mind. Feel and functionality are at the forefront of our mission; to encourage women to celebrate a conscious lifestyle whether you choose a white cami or eco-friendly lifestyle tights. The fabrics are designed to be light, durable, comfortable, breathable and easy care.

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Live Active - Lifestyle Collection

At Bella Eco, we don’t just support the environment, we also promote female health and wellness by encouraging an active lifestyle. We provide a sustainable activewear range for women who want to dress comfortably and live consciously. Our lifestyle leggings, sports crop and long sleeve top is perfect for every type of active lifestyle; from high intensity training sessions to beach walks and yoga.

Explore, discover and live actively while wearing your choice of leggings, cheeky undies, sports tops, and camisoles. Live active, dress comfy, choose Eco.

Inspiring Sustainability

For us, sustainability has always been finding an alternative to the fast-fashion industry. We aimed to create a product that is both comfortable, thoughtfully designed and has as little impact on the environment as possible. We have been making underwear for the last 12 years and during that time we’ve searched the world for a truly sustainable answer to the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We have always been committed to producing environmentally friendly fibres like bamboo and now with Amni Soul Eco®, we found the most incredible sustainable solution that is even better. 

Beyond the soft touch, comfort, and moisture absorption, this biodegradable polyamide yarn can also quickly decompose and breakdown. All our intimates are up to 96% biodegradable.

Eco products are manufactured with high standard practices to make sure that we help in reducing the air pollution and environmental impacts of harmful elements. As well as maintaining fair-trade and ethical conditions for our working staff.

“The very reason that Bella Eco was founded was to protect and respect this beautiful planet for future generations. We feel, love and live Eco.”

In Partnership With 1% for the Planet

In partnering up with 1% for the Planet, 1% of our profits go towards helping support nonprofit organizations that work on various social and environmental issues locally and globally. 1% for the Planet is a worldwide movement with the mission to bring dollars and doers together to accelerate contribution to social and environmental initiatives.

When you shop with Bella Eco, you join a bigger environmental movement. Humans are the daily consumers of natural resources so now is the time to work together to increase the impact you have on making the world a better place. 

At Bella Eco, you shop, you explore, you discover, you experience, you support, you care. Feel it. Love it. Live Eco.